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Induced Earthquake Bibliography

"Civilization exists by geological consent, subject to change without notice." William Durant

This bibliography contains references to publications concerning earthquakes and other seismicity induced by human activity.


Some people have been abusing this web resource by claiming that it supports the claim that "fracking" which is properly called "hydrofracturing" induces earthquakes. This is untrue. None of the the papers on this website investigates or supports the claim that hydrofracturing induces earthquakes. All legitimate research has found no evidence of this. "Injection induced earthquakes" are NOT caused by hydrofracturing. Injection of fluids for the purpose of waste disposal or well stimulation is NOT "fracking." Injection of fluids CAN induce earthquakes in some circumstances. Hydrofracturing has NOT been found to induce earthquakes.

Rocky Mountain Arsenal Well

Compiled by Darlene Cypser
Last update: 6/13/2009

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The Crack in the Lens